Gone are the times when individual words or combinations of them created a suspicion of spam. Only signature based procedures are used to check the e-mails because of spam. Scanner of well-known manufacturer like Commtouch and Cloudmark are optionally available and make a spam detection rate possible of > 99, 5% annual average.

Spam Quarantine

Spam can be handled by the end user in accordance with his own individual rules. For example it is possible to delete the e-mail automatically or to send it out as marked. Spam can be managed optionally in a personal quarantine on the Gateway directly. Every user can be informed about new spam e-mails in the quarantine by a daily spam report. This procedure relieves the mail server and offers to the end user the best possible control.

Outbound Spam

Someone who sends out spam is listed on the Blacklist very quickly nowadays or he will be identified by other procedures. That’s why the outbound e-mail traffic is split up: ordinary e-mails are sent out via the First Class access whereas e-mails being suspected of spam are sent out via the Standard access only.


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